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My Videos
Most of the videos won't work because my YouTube account was permanently deleted. You can check some new videos at youtube.com/musicgamescz (some links are fixed)
BeatMania IIDX
Injection of Love [h] A video that shows how the game looks like and how it is played.
Aurora [n] A video that shows how the game and hands at the same time.
Dance Dance Revolution
Ecstacy Kyle Ward and Chris Foy freestyling
Rhythm and Police (heavy)Me playing Rhythm and Police HVY Double
Paranoia Survivor Max (heavy)What can a softpad survive? PSM?
Era (heavy)Era full combo AA.
Senorita SMSenorita Freestyle from Epita
Omega Xsoft's Freestyle without preparation.
Don't Try To Stop ItSTsung going freestyle...
Long Train RunningEric's and Steve's freestyle (without preparation)
The Legend of Max (heavy)DDR Multiplayer
Dance Station 3DDX 2-D Tech
TimeMe playing Time on double on DS 3DDX.
MariaMe playing Maria Single on DS 3DDX.
Mambo no.5 (double)Me playing EZ2Dancer - Double
In The Groove
Bend Your Mind (double, heavy)And this is when I try to play on double on a brand new Cobalt Fluxes.
Lemmings on the run (double, heavy)
Vertex (single, expert)STsung playing Vertex Expert, no bar at home
Para Para Paradise
Feeling of Love (para para)Video showing the game, controller, player and the screen.
Burning Desire (para para)Video showing how the game looks like.
Pop'n Music
Ninja HeroineA video that shows how the game looks like and how it is played.
Pump it up
Don't Bother Me A video that shows how the game looks like and how it is played.
Chung Hwa Ban Jeom NM STsung playing Chung Hwa Ban Jeom on NM
How To play ITGHow To Play funny vid. (improvized, with English subtitles)
Beginner to HardVideo taken at Avalcon Special 2005
Hardpad testHow Czech people test their home made pads^_~

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